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Professional Flower School

When we first started our school in 2008 at the back of our Florist, we had just two students and one course. Now we have progressed to the quaint village hall in the traditional village of Stainton ts8 9bb with Karen's talent and eye for design, paired with Sara-jane and Donna's unique skill and experience we have now seen countless people through an extensive five part training program that has opened their doors into the floral industry. Of course, we don’t take too much credit; we have had incredible and hard working students

Throughout our comprehensive Professional Florist Training Program you will go home each week with stunning, modern arrangements made by you. We will guide you through, every step of the way. By documenting your progress  you can always refer back to the designs you made, and never forget the steps you took. Your house will be filled with flowers for months!

Our program is broken down into five individual courses to register and complete. We value that everyone has their own style and ability, so we limit class sizes to ensure we can work hands-on with everyone. 

The flower school programs have been developed in diverse ways to give you the highest level of learning in the shortest amount of time. “Creativity remains our focus in everything we teach.” Take your first step into the floral industry and unlock your creative expression. Begin a dynamic and beautiful career, filled with joy and love. Discover what you can build and design by working with nature. Let us lead you there.

Upon successful completion of our programs, students will be given our proficiency certificate. Take a look at what each course covers, and what you can expect to experience in the program.